PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Performance & Recording Digital Mixer


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PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Performance & Recording Digital Mixer:


The PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Performance & Recording Digital Mixer is a compact yet powerful digital mixer with a 16 x 16 FireWire interface for direct recording with a Mac or Windows based DAW software. Its small 16 x 15.5" (406.4 x 393.7mm) frame features 16 inputs with 8 mono mic/line balanced inputs and 4 stereo line input channels, all fitted with 60mm precision faders. All mono input channels feature PreSonus' high-headroom, XMAX class-A mic preamplifiers, for maximum gain, low noise floor, and detailed audio quality.

The StudioLive 16.0.2 delivers the gamut of DSP processing including Gate, Compression, channel EQ, 31-band graphic EQ, and 2 stereo 32-bit digital effects processors with customizable reverb and delay presets. There are 2 dedicated effects buses and 4 auxiliary buses (pre/post-fader assignable) for flexible signal routing. Flexible remote control features and its compact design, allow for a variety of portable applications.
The StudioLive 16.0.2 is bundled with recording software and StudioLive Remote software is available for free download at the Apple App Store. StudioLive Remote enables full-duplex remote control with an iPad, iPhone or laptop, making it an ideal solution for use on stage, live sound reinforcement, remote recording and more.

8 Mono Mic/Line Channel Inputs
  • High-headroom Class A XMAX mic preamplifier
  • XLR mic and balanced 1/4" line inputs
  • 60mm precision fader
4 Stereo Line Channel Inputs
    High-headroom Class A XMAX mic preamplifier (Ch. 9, 11, 13, and 15)
  • XLR mic inputs (Ch. 9, 11, 13, and 15)
  • Balanced 1/4" line inputs (Ch. 9-16)
  • Unbalanced RCA line inputs (Ch. 13-16)
  • 60mm precision fader (4 stereo)
Fat Channel Signal Processing on all Channels and Buses
  • 3-band semi-parametric EQ (individual band on/off)
  • Full-featured compressor
  • Standard downward expander
  • Limiter
  • Phase reverse (12 mic preamplifiers only)
  • Pan with dedicated 15-LED display
  • Stereo link for input channels and aux buses
  • High-pass filter
16-In/16-Out FireWire Recording Interface (24-bit/44.1 kHz and 48 kHz)
  • Compatible with most audio software via ASIO, Windows Audio, Core Audio
Software Bundle for Mac & Windows
  • PreSonus Studio One Artist digital audio workstation
  • PreSonus Capture live-recording software
  • PreSonus Universal Control with Virtual StudioLive bidirectional mixer-control software
MIDI Control Mode Provides Control Over
  • Scene and FX Preset recall
  • Main Volume, FXA, and FXB output levels
  • FXA and FXB assign/unassign to Mains


  • 4 Auxiliary buses (pre/post-fader send)
  • 2 Internal FX buses
  • 2 stereo 32-bit digital effects processors with customizable reverb and delay presets
  • One 31-band stereo graphic EQ (on main outputs only)
  • Scene store and recall
  • Settings can be copied among channels and buses and saved as user presets
  • Lockout mode protects your settings from meddlers and accidents
  • Free StudioLive Remote iPad wireless-control software available at the Apple App Store
  • ith free PreSonus QMix software, up to ten musicians can simultaneously control their StudioLive monitor (aux) mixes using an iPhone or iPod touch - four different mixes with a 16.0.2
  • QMix works a lot like SL Remote - one or more iPhones network wirelessly with a Mac or PC, enabling QMix to remote-control Virtual StudioLive, which in turn controls one or more FireWire-connected StudioLive mixers
  • When each iPhone connects to the new network, its copy of QMix will discover all StudioLive mixers on the network - in this way, each musician can quickly and easily create an aux mix that includes all mixer channels
  • In the Virtual StudioLive portion of Universal Control, permissions can be set so that each iPhone user can only control one specified mix (or all mixes) - band mates can't mess with each other's monitors
  • Provides wireless control over aux mixes in Virtual StudioLive and hence, over aux mixes in any StudioLive-series digital mixer
  • Portrait view shows Wheel of Me, where you can select multiple "Me" channels and control their levels simultaneously
  • Landscape view provides control of all aux-send levels and panning (for linked auxes)
  • Aux mixes can be named (up to 10 characters)
  • Tap tempo for delay effects
  • Control the auxs on any StudioLive mixer on the wireless network from one iPhone or iPod touch
  • Multiple iPhones and iPod touches can control the same StudioLive
  • Set permissions in VSL so each iPhone and iPod touch can control only one specific aux mix
  • Available free from the Apple App Store
PreSonus Exchange
  • Registered users of PreSonus' Web-connected Studio One DAW can easily and conveniently swap presets, effects chains, MIDI files, and soundsets, without leaving the program
  • Users can upload to Exchange using a Web portal and can access online files from directly within the searchable Studio One 2 file browser, including audio preview
  • Just drag-and-drop from the browser, and Exchange automatically downloads the resources and loads them into your Song
  • Exchange users will be able to rate and comment on shared resources, so you can quickly identify what fellow users like and can share your experiences - PreSonus has implemented an approval process to protect users from problematic downloads.
  • PreSonus Exchange is a free service for registered Studio One users with licensed accounts and works with Studio One Artist 2, Producer 2, and Professional 2
  • Along with Exchange, Soundset Builder is a free extension to Studio One that can be downloaded via Exchange
  • With Soundset Builder, any folder in the file browser can be made into a Studio One soundset, complete with a name, description, icon, and URL
  • An excellent way to create and share packages of content, including audio loops, MIDI loops, presets, and more Soundset Builder installs into Studio One quickly and easily by drag-and-drop

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