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"At first glance the CDJ-350 is not quite as good looking as its big brothers: the CDJ-850, 900 and 2000. Make no mistake though, build quality is excellent and itís a solid enough unit, itís just that first impressions of the square(ish) recessed buttons and the slightly odd looking jog wheel are not immediately endearing. But donít be put off by the lack of flashy looks. Under the belly lies a little beast of a machine that functions very well in its simplicity and after an hour of taking the 350 through its paces even the aesthetics started to grow on me.

Currently it is the cheapest Multi player in the Pioneer range to offer full USB connectivity, plays all media formats, has a built in sound card and significantly, it works with Rekordbox, their excellent music management software. There are 3 different ways one can mix off a CDJ-350. ĎOld-skoolí audio CD format will display your track names if they are embedded on the disc, but you can also play MP3 discs although I have always found browsing through folders and folders of MP3ís on a disc a little clumsy on these small screen displays and this is no different on the 350. A smarter way of playing MP3ís (or Wavís digitally if youíre not an MP3 fan) is to use the USB Flash drive option ..." - Dave Mac

Best Deal on Pioneer CDJ-850



"CDJ-850 review
Taking a look at the screen, you'll see a very simple approach. Sure, some of the higher end models feature huge LED screens with tons of info, but I found the display on the CDJ-850 to be more than adequate. Despite the size of the screen, readability and usability are not sacrificed at all. Even navigating through a plugged in USB stick was a breeze. It's responsive and simple, I can't really ask more.

In-Depth Review
The first thing you'll notice when un-boxing is the CDJ's sleek design. The design is obviously well crafted, and a lot of work went into making sure this system look impressive. The flat display might be annoying to some who prefer the tilted version, but it adds to the overall sleek effect this model achieves.

Despite it's updated appearance, the button function and layout is very similar to Pioneer's other models. If you've used a Pioneer CDJ before you'll feel right at home with this model. The play/pause, cue, and search controls are all there and serve the same function as they did in previous models. The biggest addition to this model, is the inclusion of a pitch selector with a 6% pitch range. This option that was missing on the CDJ-800 is not available to the 850, a much needed improvement.

Comparing the 850 to similar models, you'll see that the 850 is quite a step above the 800. Over the 800, the 850 features IN adjustments as well as OUT for creating loops. This is a major upgrade over the 800. Overall, the sound quality is much better as well. It has a warmer tone, and feels less digital than its predecessor. Compared to the 900, the next system up in line, I couldn't tell the difference in sound quality. I can't see anyone being disappointed with the sound coming from this unit.

Features List:
The CDJ-850 comes with an impressive list of features, most of which seem practical for the average DJ. The ability to transfer songs to it via USB is one pretty neat option that stands out. This allows you to use a USB stick to transfer music instead of using a computer, great for smaller gigs with less room. Below you'll find the features list from the official product page. Let's take a minute to break down each of these features.

Pro-series Design & Exacting Features – Inheriting the club standard layout and precise control features of its professional CDJ series, the CDJ-850As mentioned before, the layout is very similar to the past series. This is great if you've used a CDJ before, and if not, the controls are very easy to pick up 206mm Jog Dial - integrates a large 206mm jog dial for continuous free and easy control along with a rotary selector and browse buttons integrated within the display I really liked the dial on this unit. Compared the 800, hand movments give a much more natural sound, adding to the overall sound quality of your performance.

Compatible Media and Formats – Users can mix a variety of music formats and media, as the CDJ-850 is compatible with MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF digital audio formats recorded on USB storage devices or CD-R/RW discs. Pretty Standard, I would be worried if this feature wasn't included.

Included rekordbox™ Software – Pioneer’s new exclusive DJ music management software makes it easy for home DJs to effortlessly organize their entire music library as it analyzes files (settings, creating playlists, saving histories) to their custom specifications. As used by professionals to optimize DJ play, the software enables users to:

1. Analyze data such as the Wave, Beat Grid, BPM, and ID3 Tag1 of music files

2. Create cues2 and loops settings

3. Create and edits playlists

4. Save history of music files played on the CDJ-850

The rekordbox software is actually pretty great. Integration with this unit is a breeze, and will surely be of use to most DJs.

USB Export Capability – DJs using the rekordbox software can easily export their music files and custom managed data onto a USB device and quickly plug in directly to the CDJ-850 and access tracks without the need to be linked to a PC. Play histories on the CDJ-850 are automatically recorded onto rekordbox via connected USB device for the DJ’s next session which makes the cycle of music file management, DJ play and preparation for future sessions very simple.

This feature is pretty nifty. Integration with Rekordbox lets you easily management your music and makes prep for shows very simple.

User Interface – The display and user interface of the player is designed for quick and fluid music selection. Combined with its rotary selector, navigation through music lists (title, artist, BPM, etc.) is extremely fast and easy. The WAVE display enables smooth DJ play because the user can visually analyze the flow and dynamics of the entire song.

Read above, the interface is intuitive and easy to use. I found it hard to find fault with it.

DJ Software Control and Audio Interface – The CDJ-850 multi-media player features MIDI, enabling control of various DJ softwares running on a laptop. With the use of the built-in USB HID interface, the CDJ-850 can also control more complex operations of DJ software without the need for a control disc. For additional versatility, the player can also be used as a PC audio interface.

The 850 is compatible with various DJ software. If you have a particular piece of software you're comfortable with, odds are you can use the CDJ-850 with it.

This list is fairly impressive; it adds a lot of upgrades over the CDJ-800. If your sitting with the 800 and looking to upgrade you won't be disappointed. However, the higher models including the CDJ-1000 have a lot of features missing on this list. The added convenience these higher end models add is going to be enticing to the professional DJ. If you have the money to go up a level then by all means take a look at the 1000 or 2000, but if you don't the features the CDJ-850 has is probably going to be more than sufficient, albeit the lack of some may be irritating.

The Good:
What we like about this system is both it's quality and ease of use. The simplistic design makes this system a joy to use, and easy to pick up on for experience and inexperienced DJ's alike. It's also made by Pioneer, and you can expect the high quality that is associated with their brand. It also features an impressive set of functions that act as a bridge between teh CDJ 800 and 900. If your looking for a decent model, but don't want to move up the CDJ 900 just yet, this is the system for you.

The Bad:
The biggest problem that stands out on this unit is the price. At the time of this writing, the price point for this unit was around $900, not anything to laugh at. For an experienced DJ this is more than worth the price, but for someone just starting out asking to drop almost a grand on a single piece of equipment can be a little hard to stomach. Although in comparison there are a lot more with a higher price point. In the end, this seems like a middle of the road item, it sacrifices some features, to keep an overall lower price than other, higher end models.

The Bottom Line
If your an intermediate -professional DJ and looking for a great piece of equipment, look no further than the Pioneer CDJ-850. This unit is full of great features, and is a very high quality unit, Pioneer obviously took great care in crafting this device. However, if your just starting out, or perhaps have just a little bit of professional DJ experience, then I would advise you to seriously consider this decision, there are a lot of lower priced units that may be enough for your needs. As I said before, this is a middle of road unit. It has a lot of features that are sure to please most DJ's, but it lacks a couple of important ones that higher end units have. This sacrifice of features does cut down on the price however, and push this unit to be more affordable. Take a good look at what you get for the price, and decide if what it has/lacks is what falls into both your needed features, and price range."
-- Chi-City DJ

Best Deal on Pioneer CDJ-850

















Pioneer DJ has been largely acknowledged as being the premier manufacturer of professional DJ equipment. Pioneer DJ has been on the forefront of innovative technology, superb design and unmatched durability. Used by many of the biggest names and best artists around, Pioneer DJ is the definition of DJ equipment excellence.

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