Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot UV Bundle

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Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot

Nothing says FUN at a party or event more than a shower of confetti streaming down on a crowd or stage. Now it's easy for DJs, entertainers and performers to add this festive effect anywhere in seconds with the Funfetti™ confetti launcher from Chauvet DJ

A wirelessly controllable professional confetti launcher, the Funfetti is ideal for weddings, concerts, parties, holiday celebrations and special events of all types. Unlike many confetti launchers, it does not require CO2or compressed air to run – just add confetti. With no need for special propulsion substances, the Funfetti can be used safely and easily virtually anywhere. Compact in size, it can be set up and operated by a solo entertainer, making it a great way to add an exclamation point to your next event.

Although lightweight and easy to use, the Funfetti blasts out a torrent of confetti that can cover an area as large as 540 square feet (50M²). It has a throw distance up to 30 feet (9M) and its powerful bursts last as long as 25 seconds each, filling up events and venues with a hailstorm of glitter.

"Breaking out the confetti is an instant way to ramp-up the fun factor at any party or event," said Nick Airriess, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. "With holiday parties and New Year's Eve rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to add a confetti launcher to your repertoire of effects.

"Of course, confetti is an effect you'll use year round in so many ways," added Airriess, "at weddings and celebrations of all types, to cap off an evening at a dance club, or to add excitement to a concert or performance. Confetti is a great 'extra' you can offer to your clients that will give your show added sparkle. And because the Funfetti is so easy to operate and doesn't require CO2, you can bring it out anywhere, even places like banquet halls and private parties."

The Funfetti works with most types of confetti, and CHAUVET DJ offers three control options to meet a variety of user needs: manual, wireless remote or DMX. Simple manual control is provided via a convenient display on the rear of the unit. Additionally, the Funfetti comes with its own handheld wireless remote, allowing it to be operated from a DJ booth, backstage or any location up to 100 feet (30.5M) away. The Funfetti can also be integrated into your lightshow via DMX operation; it features 3-pin XLR connectors and runs on one DMX channel.

Perfect for mobile use, the Funfetti is lightweight and easily portable at just 13.6 pounds (6.2 kg) and 11.2 x 9 x 21.8 Inches (284 x 228 x 553 mm). It includes a versatile double-bracketed yoke for easy floor mounting or hanging from truss. For protection during storage and travel, the Chauvet CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag is a perfect fit.

Chauvet FRU - UV-reactive paper Confetti Refill for the Funfetti Confetti Launcher

The CHAUVET DJ FRU is a UV-reactive paper confetti refill for the Funfetti confetti launcher. It contains two full confetti launches and is easy to transport and store in its packaging. Its bright green color glows in UV light. The FRU is non-toxic, non-flammable and ready to use right out of the box.


Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot

  • Professional confetti launcher perfect for concerts, parties, or special events.
  • Easy, single person setup and operation.
  • No compressed air or CO2 required – just add confetti.
  • Control easily from the display, the included wireless remote, or DMX.
  • Works with most confetti types.
  • Includes double-bracketed yoke for easy floor mounting or hanging on TRUSST®.
  • Fits best in the CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag.

Chauvet FRU

  • UV-reactive paper refills for the Funfetti™ confetti launcher
  • Contains two full launches that will add excitement anywhere
  • Bright green color glows in UV light
  • Easy to transport and store in its own packaging
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, and ready to use right out of the box


Chauvet Funfetti Shot

  • DMX Channels: 1
  • DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
  • Maximum Confetti Capacity (FRC and FRU Confetti) : 0.5 lb (0.25 kg)
  • Maximum Confetti Capacity (FRM Confetti): 1 lb (0.45 kg)
  • Maximum Continuous Launch Duration: 25 s
  • Maximum Throw Distance: 30 ft (9 m)
  • Average Coverage Area: 540 ft² (50 m²)
  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz or 230 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Power and Current: 1,380 W, 12 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Power and Current: 1,430 W, 7 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 13.6 lb (6.2 kg)
  • Size: 11.2 x 9 x 21.8 in (284 x 228 x 553 mm)
  • Approvals: CE

Chauvet FRU

  • Weight: 1 lb (0.45 kg)
  • Size: 9 x 6 x 11.8 in (235 x 130 x 45 mm)

What's in the box:

This Package Includes:

  • (1) Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot.
  • (2) Chauvet FRU - UV-reactive paper Confetti Refill for the Funfetti Confetti Launcher.
  • (1) Properly Fitting & Durable Protective Transport Case.

The Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot Box Includes:

  • (1) Funfetti Shot Confetti Launcher
  • (1) FC-W Wireless Receiver
  • (1) FC-W Wireless Transmitter
  • (1) Power Cord
  • (1) Warranty Card
  • (1) Quick Reference Guide

The Chauvet FRU Box Includes:

  • (2) UV-reactive Funfetti confetti launcher refill packs
Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot UV Bundle
Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot UV Bundle
Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot UV Bundle
Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot UV Bundle
Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot UV Bundle
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