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Technical Pro USB2RCA Audio Converter - Connect Laptop to Any Stereo!
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Technical Pro USB2RCA Audio Converter
2 year extended warranty
Regular Price $29.99
Our Price $19.99
Two Year Extended Warranty                                  
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Technical Pro USB2RCA USB to RCA Audio Converter - Connect Laptop to Any Stereo!

Technological advances have a direct effect on the process of audio design. As the process of audio production becomes more complex, it's essential to establish convenient and seamless connections between various electronic devices. Technical Pro meets this demand with the introduction of the USB2RCA Professional Converter for USB / RCA.

This unique converter allows for instant connection between your computer and a stereo audio device through the RCA and USB input / outputs. Determining the flow of your audio is as easy as using the "In/Out" Selector. For instance, if you want to record from an audio device such as a CD player, Tuner or Pre- Amplifier onto a computer, simply connect the output on these devices to the computer and set the Selector to "In".

If you want to play files from your computer, connect the USB2RCA to the RCA input on your amplifier, receiver or pre-amplifier to the USB connection on the computer and set the Selector to "Out". This method lets you enjoy music from a high quality audio source instead of settling for your computer's sub-par speakers.

Speaking of sound quality, you may be worried about the possibility of signal degradation during digital to analog, and analog to digital conversions. This won't be a concern with the USB2RCA's Stereo Audio Codec with USB Interface. This feature guarantees flawless analog to digital, and digital to analog conversion for the high resolution sound quality Technical Pro is known for.

With so much power packed into a unit small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, you'll always want to have a USB2RCA converter within reach!


  • Technical Pro USB2RCA Digital/Analog Audio Converter
  • Inputs / Outputs: RCA & USB
  • Connect a stereo audio device to the RCA inputs / Connect the USB to the computer
  • ''In/Out'' Selector allows you to determine the follow of the audio
  • To record from an audio device (CD player, Tuner, Pre-Amplifier) set the ''In/Out'' selector to ''IN''
  • To play files from your computer connect the RCA output to the input on an audio amplifier / receiver and set the ''In/Out'' selector to ''OUT'' Fit in the Palm of your hand
  • Stereo audio Codec with USB interface
  • Analog to digital and digital to analog audio converter
  • Dimensions: 2'' x 1'' x 1''

Advantages of purchasing from an authorized seller:

  • Best prices - We sell all Technical Pro Products at wholesale prices
  • Full Factory Warranty
  • Detailed information of all products
  • Lifetime Customer Service by Technical Pro product Experts
  • Guaranteed legitimate and authentic merchandise


TECHNICAL PRO USB to RCA Audio Converter
TECHNICAL PRO USB to RCA Audio Converter
TECHNICAL PRO USB to RCA Audio Converter
TECHNICAL PRO USB to RCA Audio Converter

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