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Z-Jay Tablet Controller

It seemed almost certain for a while, that mobile DJ solutions we be centered around tablets, but no one has ever seen a design and set-up of a tablet specifically for DJing. Z-JAY has changed that, though. Keep reading to find out more about this revolutionary DJing piece. The designer and manufacturer behind the revolutionary Z-Jay is Luidprod and Luis David Palacio, with the excepted price tag of around $700.The conceptual design is exciting, and has won a Red Dot Design award for its original concept, in 2015. Two years later, the concept idea has turned into reality.


Expected to enter crowdfunding within the next upcoming months, this fold DJ set up is around 7.5'' tall, 10.6'' wide and 1.5'' in thickness, when closed. When unfolded, the set-up's thickness is only 0.45'', which is very impressive and practical. Coming with an internal battery, built-in sound card, along with Bluetooth connectivity, these designers are making huge strides in portable DJ equipment. The Built-in speakers allow you to use this device with only headphones, if you wish. The Z-JAY isn't 3 tablets connected, but instead is the 3 screens that all connect to one single device. This is extremely efficient, and only requires you to charge one single device, instead of multiple devices that connect to each other. We all know how often devices die on us, having to juggle that fear with three devices would be madness! This is a huge selling point and advantage to DJ's who take their equipment with them when performing.


As far as software for the device goes, they have not decided on one yet, and do not plan to create one either. Instead, they plan to let crowdfunding (if successful), to “will license the software with one of the top DJ APP developers in the market.” Realistically though, these tablets are based around an Android operating system, with only a few options that could work for the Z-JAY. Some people have speculated that it could be either Mixvibes' Cross DJ, or it could be DJiT's Edjing. Both are able and capable of handling such large licensing requests.

What Are the Next Steps?

Z-Jay does still have some hurdles to get over, with the biggest one being to raise enough money with their crowdfunding to begin production of this revolutionary product. The problem isn't that there is a lot of competition and rivals out there for the Z-Jay, but rather, having to convince current and potential DJ's that this touchscreen setup isn't just a concept, but a device that is just as good, if not better than the systems they currently use.
The designers of Z-jay also added, that they do in fact plan to completely utilize the touchscreen mounted controls and hardware, previously seen with Tuna Knobs.
We'll keep you updated on what happens, and look forward to seeing what they can put together!

Check out their website!