Awesome Entry Level
DJ Controllers


Entry Level Dj Controllers

Starting out in the DJ and music production world can be frustrating and confusing at times, with the always changing and ever expanding technology available in today’s market. There are many DJ controllers to start out with, but which one should you choose? This can be quite a tough question to answer. Below, are some of the best entry level controllers on the market, that won’t burn your pocket.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB

With a price tag of around $247 and supported by Rekordbox DJ, this portable, two-channel controller also comes with full licensing rights to Pioneers Rekordbox DJ (a $129-dollar value). With this, you are able to start right away being a DJ, thanks to full access to all functions that the program comes with from the get-go. The mixing section for this controller includes crossfader, two channels, filters, dedicated EQ, and gain. Lightweight, small in size, and portable, this compact controller also comes equipped with eight performance pads per side, more than the usual four per side. This give you more options when it comes to hotcues, loops, effects, samples, and more. Since it uses its own Pioneer software, you are able to jam practically whenever you wish.

Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2

With a little steeper of a price tag of $399, this controller with two channels, crossfader, EQs, but no dedicated filters may still be the right fit for you. This Native Instruments two-channel controllers comes equipped with full licensing rights to Traktor Pro. That makes this controller one of two, that comes equipped with those rights on this list. This controller is capable of being using with either a laptop or iPad with the Traktor App. This controller comes with everything you need to cover the basics of mixing, and it also has full control over 2 different effect units. At first, the price of this controller is a revelation, but with all the options it comes with, it really is a deal for the price of it. Other controllers can have bigger price tags, and not have nearly the amount of options that this one comes with.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2

This Pioneer controller comes with a comparable price, at $249. It also comes with two channels, dedicated filters, crossfader, gain and EQ. Capable of using four-deck control within Serato DJ, and also coming with Filter Fade, that incorporates the filter for each deck when you are using crossfader. This gives a high pass filter on your deck that’s moving away, to help blend tracks more cleanly. This surely will give you the feel of what it’s like mixing tracks together, and is great for beginners in the DJ world.

Reloop Beatmix 2 MK2

The Reloop Beatmix has a little larger of a price tag at $290, and also comes with two channels, a dedicated EQ, crossfader, and gain, but unfortunately also has no dedicated filters. Though it is more expensive then the last controllers talked about, this one is also great for beginners. Equipped with a Serato DJ compatible two-deck setup, this makes it perfect for people who are just starting out in the industry. Common to the Kontrol S2, this controller is packed with over two effect units, and has the largest jogwheels in this article. Finding your way through the performance mode is also simplified, by its RGB-lit pads. The only thing to consider is that, it only has Serato DJ LE. Considering upgrading to get all the features available at your fingertips can be a good decision.

Mixtrack Platinum

This Serato DJ and Virtual Dj supported controller comes in at $299, and has two channels, crossfader, filters, and a dedicated EQ. Just like the last two controllers mentioned, this also only comes with the regular LE license rights, so upgrading is needed if you wish to have all options and features available for your use, like the four-deck control. What differentiates this controller from the rest of the others is that, it is the sole controller that has range with jog displays. These displays show you needle and track position, along with some basic track information that will help your eyes off your monitor screen constantly. Another key feature, is that this controller has a touchstrip that allows you to scrub through track. A huge advantage when comparing this controller to the others mentioned in this article. All the controllers mentioned are all great choices, it just depends what fits your needs, wants and price range the best. All of them sported different features and functions that makes them unique, and amazing in their own way. The tools to become a great DJ are readily available, so what is stopping you?