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The amount of software that is available for DJ’s both amateur and professional alike today is virtually endless. Whether you are using a Windows laptop, Mac, or Linux, there is an abundance of software available for you to use. No matter your budget or skill level, there is a program out there that is perfect for you.


Let’s start off from the bottom. If you are just looking for a bit more control than what VLC and ITunes offers, you should check out this program that is available for free. Mixxx, which is available and compatible for Linux, Mac, and Windows’, is loaded with features, even though it is free. This program includes two decks that include, looping, scratching, hot cues, as well as time stretching, beat detection, pitch bending, crossfade, and an equalizer. All the essentials needed for clean and smooth song transitions. There is also four sampler decks included for vocal samples and sound effects. This is great for starting out, or working on a budget, but it is not a premium product for DJ’ing.

Cross DJ- MixVibes

Cross DJ is produced by Mixvibes, and is available for Windows& Mac, and is good for practically any type of DJ’ing out there. There is a better, paid for version, but the free version has no limitation with concern to features, though there is no MIDI support for your external hardware. This product comes equipped with two decks, that can also support video mixing. Each one can support hot cues, beat detection, loops, and has a three-band equalizer, with three audio effects as well. There are two upgraded versions, with the first having a price of $4.99, and the second, $49.

Virtual DJ Home- LE

This package is one of the most recognizable programs, mostly because it has been out for some time now. It is also available for Mac and Windows, with the first version coming out in July of 2003. This program has a free version, though it displays ads from time to time. Not too bad of a trade-off for a free program. With that said, you get full access to Virtual DJ 8 system, but without DJ controllers, and are stuck with using keyboard and mouse. This system includes support for as many as 99 decks, and has either 4 or 6 deck skins included, if needed. This program also has many features that come with it, despite not costing users anything.

Djay Pro - $49.99

If you have a Mac, and are looking for something a little bit better than free, but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is the perfect product for you. Produced by Algoriddim, this program is a lot about creating a more professional sound. Equipped with Spotify integration, as well as a premium account, you get access to over 20 million songs instantly. With 4 scratch-able decks, along with a sampler, colored waveforms, drums pads, loop and cue points, beat and key matching, support for MIDI controllers, this product has tons of features.

Cross DJ - $49

Adding to their free version, this mid-tier program ups the bar with 14 full effects, four decks, two samplers, along with all the MIDI control you can handle, and is compatible with more than 80 DJ controls. Cueing is made easy with music being able to be displayed in waveforms, allowing you to skip back and forth in between beats. Transitions are crisp, thanks to detection and lock features for musical keys. This is a fully loaded package, if you don’t mind timecode control or video mixing.

Deckadance - $79

Available for Mac and Windows, this Image Line app, which also makes FL Studio, can run 2 or 4 decks. It also has a total of 10 audio effects, with three being able to be chained together. The built-in sampler is strong, and supports “Smartknobs”, their version of beat matching. “Grossbeat”, is another one of their features, which provides programmable glitching, scratching, and stuttering. The user interface is completely customizable, and only shows the features which you are using. Rocking full support of MIDI devices and DJ controllers, support for VSTI virtual instruments, along with ITunes library integration.

Traktor Pro 2 - $149

Being a sort of standard amongst professional DJ’s, this Windows and Mac program is trusted by some huge artists, and venues alike. Traktor 2 is jam packed with features. IT comes with 4 decks, and a had remixing decks which can hold up to 64 samples, and saved to your playlist. Their strong library can be integrated with ITunes, has amazing sync controls, beat grids, track tempos, and musical key, which allows mixes to be beat matched together, automatically. You can customize and group, up to 30 separate effects, along with precise looping and cue tools, allowing you to move around tracks while in perfect time still.

Serato DJ - $129

Also, only available for Windows and Mac, Serato is another big-time figure in the DJ’ing world, and established its name with its unique digital vinyl system(DVS) support. This type of emulation uses time-coded records and has an analogue to digital audio converter. This allows manipulation of digital music files. Including four decks with color waveforms as well, along with quick sync controls, if you wish to have them. Equipped with “slipmode”, which allows for seamless scratching that is in time with the music you are using. Another feature, called “beatjump”, allows you to jump a predetermined size beat, back and forth within your track, and allows repeating elements, as well as skipping large sections if that is what is wanted.

PCDJ DEX 3 - $179

While still a major program, it is not as well-known as others. This Mac and Windows program allows a complete DJ solution with up to four decks being supported, along with karaoke mode, and video editing. It is also equipped with time-coded vinyl, along with Cd control support, though it is not as good as other programs named previously. Included is automatic grid-based tempo detection, pitch scaling, beat matching, and key lock as well. Cueing your next track is made painless with their intelligent beat-skip, and looping features. It also supports VSTI virtual instruments, a big bonus for the more professional DJ’s. Volume normalizing is made possible with their perpetual gain normalizer. Video mixing is also fairly customizable, as well.

Ableton Live - $99

Last, but not least, is Ableton live, also only compatible with Windows and Mac. This program has a digital audio work station, as well as a sequencer for creating electronic music on the fly. It is different from other programs, in the sense that is doesn’t have and two or four track setups, or look like any other DJ software for that matter, making it not suitable for all DJs, or performers, alike. If you’re looking for something that will allows you to create a more unique live sound, this is the program for you. This is achieved with its, automation and external interfaces, along with MIDI instruments. Though it looks hard to accurately use, this software can be used without full technical expertise. This software has excellent support functions and interfaces, and includes an immense number of sounds, instruments, and effects. Ableton Live is available in three packages. The into r start package, the standard, and their top-tier Suite package. At a price of $749, the Suite Edition is equipped with a “Max for Live” package, which extends the software’s capabilities as a live performance product.

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