DDJ SZ 2 - Review

This January, the guys from Pioneer family dropped their latest edition of a popular high-end Dj controller, a slightly upgraded version to their richly-praised DDJ SZ. The DDJ SZ2 comes with a couple of more impressive character lines, offering a wider range of creativity for Serato Djs. Here's what's the deal with it.

Even though some professional critic minds haven't been that impressed with the new SZ version, the bigger brother still deserves a medal for keeping the most loving parts and features of its original, and adding a little more spice to this so delicious cake. SZ2 comes with extra controls specifically made for Serato expansion packs like:

  • Key adjust/sync buttons for Pitch'n Time Dj
  • Record and play buttons for Serato Flip control
  • Adding Pitch Play Mode to performance pads (a big plus)
  • Improved jog wheel latency
  • “drop” and “siren” oscillator sounds instead of “cymbal” and “horn” ones on the previous model
  • Quantize button below the jog wheel (another huge plus), letting you fast switch the setting on and off (like on CDjs)

If you're a serato DJ you're going to love this machine. We had a chance to play with one in our showroom and were absolutely in love with it. They go the feel right on this one.

What about the cons?

Well, it`s not without saying that there are couple of tiny cons, but they all are really subjective, so it is really up to your final judge on this one. If you are a scratch Dj, you might not like that Pioneer loses on the touch sensitive feature on the jog wheels, despite adding more latency power, this tiny change may be a big picture for you. Still it's really hard to pass up those beautiful jog wheels. And just as a reminder, the SZ2 comes with dual-audio interface so you can connect two laptops at the same time, making those switches extra tight. So if you are a turntable guy/girl, you might want to rethink on this baby and get some other controlling or stand-alone Dj equipment, but if you more into mixing, the SZ2 is your perfect match.
It also has quite the price tag, so those on a budget may be left in despair.

In the end though, this is a beautiful piece of equipment. If you can stomach the price and the minor drawbacks you'll be rewarded with one heck of a controller.

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