Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interface Silver

Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interface Silver

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Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interface Silver


Next Generation Audio Interface

AudioFuse is a revolutionary audio interface that sets a new standard in audio quality and workflow. Enjoy the superior sound of high-end studio consoles from a compact and carefully-built chassis. Explore the expansive connectivity AudioFuse brings: all the major connection types are supported. Take control over your sound and instantly access your audio streams through the well thought-out interface. This is AudioFuse. You are in command. You are free.

The Sound

Whether you work from home or are on the road recording, we know you want the sound a professional studio delivers.

You've told us what you want, and we listened. AudioFuse is built on a fully symmetrical audio chain. Every stage has been carefully designed, resulting in unrivalled sonic purity. The two DiscretePRO® microphone preamps combine the best of yesterday's vintage consoles with today's technology, resulting in a design circuit that offers superior audio performance.

The latest generation of Analog to Digital converters delivers sterling quality audio with amazing transparency. In conjunction with our advanced clocking system, AudioFuse guarantees stable and extremely accurate timing. Yes, Arturia takes sound quality very seriously.

The Workflow

AudioFuse was developed with the musician's workflow in mind.

Want to adjust gain on channel 1? Turn the knob. Need to switch monitors? Press a button. If you want more level in one of the headphones, just turn up the dedicated knob. There is no menu in AudioFuse. Nothing is buried, every control is at your fingertips, the creative flow never stops.

The Connectivity

Want to connect gear?

AudioFuse works with virtually everything: mics, instruments, turntables, studio equipment, Mac, PC, tablets, even iOS and Android phones. With a round-trip latency as low as 3 milliseconds.

The Quality

At home, in the studio, or on the road, wherever creativity strikes - you want to capture the moment.

AudioFuse has a robust, solid aluminum chassis you can trust. And the quality of AudioFuse goes far beyond its good looks. Every single unit has to pass rigorous testing before it can be packed and shipped. It will even come with a test specification printout of your particular unit. Designed for the most demanding musicians and audio purists, AudioFuse keeps the sound, work and inspiration flows intact, and that's revolutionary.



  • Add external line level devices such as compressors into the signal flow before the digital conversion.
  • MIDI In/Out:

  • Connect any MIDI instrument or equipment with the supplied MIDI cable adapters
  • WordClock and S/PDIF In/Out:

  • Sync to any Word Clock equipment or connect to any S/PDIF digital audio device.
  • ADAT In/Out:

  • Connect to any ADAT equipment with up to 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.
  • USB hub:

  • 3-port USB hub to connect your master keyboard, USB stick or dongle.
  • USB connection:

  • Connect AudioFuse to your computer, tablet or phone. Most features will be available even with only the USB power supplied by a computer.
  • Phono/Line inputs 3 and 4:

  • Connect external phono or line devices to these RCA+ground and balanced 1/4" inputs.
  • Speaker outputs A and B:

  • Connect two pairs of speakers to these balanced 1/4" outputs for easy A/B monitoring.
  • Output control section:

  • Direct access to each of the analog output features: output level with vu-metering, audio mix selection, mono mode, output dimming, mute, and Speaker A/B selection.
  • Direct monitoring:

  • Enjoy zero latency monitoring of the recorded signals and blend them into your mix.
  • Phones control sections 1 and 2:

  • Direct access to each of the features of Phones 1 and 2 outputs: output level, mono mode and audio mix selection.
  • Talkback:

  • Press a button to give directions to your talent who is in a booth or another room: use the talkback feature with the built-in microphone.
  • Input channels 1 and 2:

  • Connect microphones, instruments or line devices to the 2 XLR/balanced 1/4" combo inputs.
  • Phones output channels 1 and 2:

  • Don't bother looking for a 1/4" or 1/8" phones adapter; AudioFuse has both connectors for each phones output.
Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interface Silver
Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interface Silver
Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interface Silver
Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interface Silver
Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interface Silver
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